Composting 101

Did you know that about 60% of what ends up in our landfills is organic matter (aka anything that came from something that used to live)? I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of waste!

So then what can we do with all this organic matter?….


If you don’t know what that means just keep reading, I’m getting to it. To break it down, I’ve created this simple Composting 101 guide for ya’ll.

compost-101 draft 2

Composting is a great way to reduce food waste in your home and feed your garden with a wonderfully rich, healthy soil. At the Truly Living Well farms, we create and use our own compost in order to feed our gardens. We also host composting workshops where we teach people how to start their own. Before working for TLW, I didn’t know anything about composting, but it’s so easy to do even if you live in a small apartment like me. I have a compost bin that sits outside on my deck and hope to grow some herbs in the springtime.

Once you start, you will never look at food scraps the same way again, I swear.

So that’s all for now! Happy composting 🙂






3 Comments Add yours

  1. EmilyTenwesteneind says:

    loved that infographic, looking forward to starting my composting journey! Thanks for the post.


    1. jenncooperblog says:

      Thanks! Glad you liked it! 🙂


  2. Phyllis Williams says:

    If you have cats use an organic litter like ground corn cobs and put in under non food crops like roses or in a flower bed as a soil additive, mulch and fertilizer. Always use gloves in the garden. The danger from cat litter comes from toxoplasmosis which can affect younger women never exposed to it. Phyllis Williams


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