Kitchen Scraps You Can Regrow

Did you know that you can regrow certain kitchen scraps? Nature is so cool! By regrowing scraps, you’ll save some money and reduce waste. Some of these require replanting in soil, but for the most part all you need is water, a glass jar or container, and a sunny spot to put them.

Tip: The quality of the plant will determine the quality of regrowth. I recommend using local and organic produce for the best results.

Leeks, Scallions, Spring Onions, and Fennel

Place the white root ends in a glass jar. Eventually green leaves will sprout out the top. Change the water every week or so.


You can regrow garlic from a single clove. Plant it in soil with the root end down. Make sure you have plenty of direct sunshine.

Bok Choy, Cabbage, Celery, and Romaine Lettuce

Place the white roots in a shallow bowl of water. After a week or so, transplant to soil. You don’t need to put these plants in soil, but if you do, the leaves will grow to twice the size.

Carrot Greens

Yep, carrot top greens are edible. They can be a little bitter, but taste good when tossed with vinegar, garlic, and other greens in your stir fry. Learn how to regrow them here.


Regrow basil leaves by placing the cuttings in a jar of water. Make sure to change the water often. Directions here.


Very easy to regrow. Place the ginger rhizome (the thick knobby part you cook with) in potted soil with the buds facing up. Ginger likes part shade so it is easy to regrow indoors.


You can regrow the starchy vegetable from any old potato that has “eyes”growing on it.  Cut them into 2-inch pieces that contain eyes. Let them sit out overnight so they dry out, then plant them in soil about 4 inches deep, eyes facing up. You can do the same thing with sweet potatoes, but make sure they are in a sunny spot.

For more detailed information about how to regrow these plants, click here.

Share your experience with regrowing and tips in the comments below!


spring onions
Spring onions I’m regrowing in a mason jar on my back porch.








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