5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Any Meal

Everybody says that we could eat more vegetables in our diet. This may seem easy and simple to some, but difficult for others, especially among picky eaters. After becoming a vegetarian for a moment in time and experimenting in the kitchen, I found that adding vegetables to a meal not only bulks it up, but adds flavor and a boost of nutrition.

Here are a few simple ideas of how to incorporate more veggies into your meals:

  1. Eat veggies for breakfast! Add vegetables to omelets, frittatas, and alongside other egg dishes such as shakshuka.
  2. Add to your smoothie. Make it green by adding leafy greens such as kale, swiss chard, or spinach to your fruit smoothie. Add carrots and beets to give your smoothie a vibrant color.
  3. Puree and add them to sauces. Getting bored of tomato sauce? Roasting hardy veggies such as cauliflower, butternut squash, and sweet potato gives a creamy texture to a sauce without adding heavy cream or dairy. You can always add a bit of cream or coconut milk if you’d like.
  4. Bake with them. Shave, grate, or puree veggies with a food processor and add to batter. Zucchinis, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnips are great additions to baked goods. They don’t add too much flavor and can be delicious when paired with chocolate.
  5. Spiralize them. Spiralized veggies taste amazing in pasta dishes or salads. Get inspiralized here.

How do you like to add veggies in your meals? Would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!



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