Hi everyone! My name is Jenn and I’m a twenty-something recent NYU Food Studies grad living in Dallas, TX. I’m a veg-loving foodie, yogi, animal lover, wine connoisseur, locavore, and a sucker for puns. You could say that I love anything that has to do with food and nature. If you don’t love food then you probably won’t enjoy reading this blog, but I think you should give it a chance 🙂

After graduating from undergrad, I spent a year working for an urban agricultural center in Atlanta, GA. I completed my M.A. in Food Studies at NYU in December 2017 and am now I’m finding my way in the Lone Star state.

When I first started to cook in college, I found that a lot of recipes looked intimidating as many featured too many ingredients or had too many steps to follow. I want to share with people that cooking can be inexpensive, fun and that food can be delicious by simply using a few high quality ingredients. That is why on this blog you will find recipes with with 5 ingredients or less, gardening tips, as well as other tips for cooking on a budget and in a small kitchens.

Hope you enjoy hearing about my culinary adventures as I try to find my way through the Big D!



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